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After a botched Lasiks surgery my vision has been in a steady decline 20/400 For the past 7 years I've seen the very best Corneal surgeons and given no hope and only prognoses with a long wait until blindness to be put on a transplant list, contacts and glasses I was told not an option. Very depressing as an avid biker , snowboarder and athlete, i gave up all plus driving more than to grocery shop. Then...a smart surgeon finally referred me to Dr. Alpert at Total Vision Eye Care , he , his assistant Mary and the entire staff are a godsend! He has fitted me with specialty crafted contacts , patiently fitting perfectly tweaking many times until not only comfortable but bringing my vision to an unbelievable near perfect vision. How do you th ass no someone who gives you vision back...only heartfelt thanks and joyful tears! Today I saw butterflies, flowers, my loved ones clearly and didn't hit a poor squirrel in the road! Lol Seriously ?

- Laura D.